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Emerald Grace Clothing Company

Candy Club

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Be My Buttercup- Dreamy milk chocolate layered with smooth peanut butter — a rich & creamy classic!

Be My Sweetheart- Lovely sweet-tart gummies bursting with wild cherry & strawberry-banana flavors.

Blush Bears-These precious little bears are made even sweeter with their wholesome non-GMO ingredients! Their naturally-colored grape, cherry, and watermelon flavors make a delightful display. Non-GMO.

Jellyshell Sea Turtles- Sweet gummy sea turtles filled with a jelly, strawberry surprise! Gluten Free.

Mint to Be- Premium, velvety dark chocolate smitten with mint - a perfect match!

Peach Hearts- These juicy, sugar-coated, soft and chewy hearts are sure to delight your senses with every aromatic and tart peach flavored bite!

You Make Me Flutter- Mini gummy butterflies in an array of playful fruit flavors - flutter away with me!

You're Berry Special- Enchanting strawberry gummy drops covered in pink & lavender nonpareils.

*All Candies are made in the USA!*