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Wake Up Smiling (Hardcover Devotional)

Wake Up Smiling (Hardcover Devotional)

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In wake up smiling, audrey shares her very personal journey of taking three simple bible verses and believing them in a way that some may say is outrageous. Living heaven on earth has become very real for her, and every morning she wakes up with hope. If you’re ready to live, dream, and experience freedom from worry and fear, jesus really is as close as the mention of his name. He’s been waiting to share his secrets with those who will abandon all and say, “i’m ready.”

God has a recipe for hope for you. It’s practical, it will turn everything around, and it starts as you wake up. Your daily process will become your destiny. God’s original design is for you to live life with him. And it starts now.

(hardcover; 176 pages; ribbon marker; author: Audrey Meisner)

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