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This is the Day Devotional

This is the Day Devotional

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Item Details: Some days are rough. The circumstances of life can be overwhelming, frustrating, or discouraging. Perhaps you’re wondering how this could possibly be a day to rejoice in. Shift your focus a little. What were you doing two hundred years ago? Absolutely nothing. You had never seen the sun, known love or friendship, breathed in the winter air, eaten a delicious meal, or laughed until your sides hurt. You didn’t know about any of these things because you didn’t exist. But now, by God’s grace, you do, and your life is precious. Every single day bears an opportunity to be glad.

As you reflect on these devotional entries, Scriptures, and prayers, thank God for giving you another day to live, laugh, and love. He created time; each moment representing a testimony to his goodness. Find an abundance of joy, hope, peace, and strength as you walk through the day with God at your side. This is the day to rejoice and be glad!

Features: faux leather binding, 368 pages, ribbon marker, zippered cover

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